About Us

As an education company, we believe in first class education and training to our students. Our training is exceptional-with combined experience of over 10 years in trading. We offer in-class in Chicago and also live zoom sessions, and also grant enrolled student access to courses signed up for.

Our courses cover details about fundamental and technical analysis needed to make informed decisions in trading the Forex market. We also offer course(s) on how to do business and become a contractor/supplier to the United States Government.

Our syllabus in the Forex  market includes, but is not limited to learning trade signals and patterns, understanding day and position trading, how financial news affects the economy and direction of the market etc. Our courses are geared towards new beginners and intermediate or seasoned traders of the financial markets who want to learn more and add value to their trading skills.

We abide by the United States and the State of Illinois law. Under the Commodity and Securities Exchange rules, Title 17, section 4.14 exempts us as a Trading Advisor. We DO NOT manage anyone’s funds or live trading account, and we DO NOT give anyone financial advise or consultation services on any self-direct, broker assist or managed trading accounts.

We are not a Forex dealer, futures commission merchant, Introducing broker, commodity trading advisor or a commodity pool operator.  We are an education company offering courses on how to trade the Forex market. We teach people based on our vast experience acquired in the financial markets and trading industry.

In addition, we offer assistance in the travel visa application process by issuing an official International letter of invitation and a copy of the Chicago Trading Academy certificate of good standing to our in-class training/seminar attendees. The letter of invitation along with the other supporting documents should be presented to the Consular officer during the visa interview. Please note that we do not have any affiliation with any United States consulate or any travel agency and we do not guarantee issuance of a travel visa; we only offer the International letter of invitation and a copy of the Chicago Trading Academy certificate of good standing to assist as a supporting document to apply for a U.S. travel visa.